Too Much Stuff? Time for a clearout? Time for storage?

Too Much Stuff? Time for a clearout? Time for storage?

Its that time of year when the days start to get longer, the sunshine hits the dusty spots in the house and we look to having a thorough spring clean and subsequent clear out. The urge to purge is fairly strong once the house is looking clean and pristine, but what to do with all those bits and pieces that just don’t fit in with the new sleek decor? Perhaps you are putting your property on the market and ‘dressing’ the house for potential buyers – you need storage for the treasured family furniture you just can’t pass on, the gazillions of records/cd’s never played but daren’t be parted with and the toys/ games and gadgets your partner has nagged you to sort out for months.

Well more often than not these days we are following in our American cousins footsteps and using Storage facilities. The usage of Storage in the UK has rocketed since 2000 and we now store more of our personal stuff in storage than the rest of Europe combined. Such is our love of hoarding there are now over 800 storage facilities in the UK and the market is growing.

For many of us it’s become a way of life, we live in properties just big enough to house ourselves; no longer do we have the luxury of spare rooms or lofts/garages and therefore no space to store the possessions we cannot part with – so Storage is the natural option. The facilities provided these days are clean and secure and often much cheaper than the equivalent cost of an extra bedroom would be.

For many when moving house, putting items into storage is a brilliant solution for the interim – its often more prudent to sell up and be chain free and ready to proceed quickly – being in this position is very attractive to a vendor – no complicated and messy chains to contend with. Similarly with the lettings market growing and demand far outstripping supply, many find themselves in need of quick solution to storing possessions during the moving process.

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Also for businesses this is a viable option – with office space at a premium, weighing up the cost of increased office space to that of Storage, many businesses use these facilities during office relocations and then ongoing for archived documents. In fact the average length of use of Storage facilities is has increased to 41 weeks up from 37 weeks (2013 figures) proving the increased tendency of using such facilities has become the norm and is factored into general business costs. 

Nice man BIG van removals in Brighton are now offering containerised storage in partnership with a central Brighton storage company. The cost per container is  ONLY £19 per week inclusive of vat. With more discounts available if more than 1 container is required! The storage is in industrial strength containers in a secure CCTV covered warehouse space. The containers are 250 cubic feet (35 sq ft)  which is enough space to store 4 double beds with bases and mattresses. Go to for further information on our excellent Brighton Storage facilities.

Happy de-cluttering!

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