Instant Survey for your home move/storage

Welcome to the Nice Man BIG Van INSTANT SURVEY FOR YOUR HOME/OFFICE MOVE OR STORAGE, here to help us decide the best size of van/lorry and storage container to move and/or store your possessions.

This will help you work out what size van or lorry to bring if you accept our quotation.

To use the calculator, simply click on the furniture suggestions below that most closely represent the items you intend to store, and use the figure at the bottom of the form to estimate how much room they will require. This will help you determine how much space you need, and whether it will be a squeeze, or if you can add more items last-minute.

If you do not know the exact move to address just use the map locators to select the nearest Town/City.

Please fill in all the contact details with full post codes to figure out exact mileage for the quotation if you do know both addresses.

Get in touch with our expert team today for a free no obligation site visit from our trained surveyor if there are any awkward items or if you need our team of expert packers to prepare for your home move.

Please over estimate the amount of boxes that will be in the move to make sure we calculate the space required on the van/s or lorry. Make sure all boxes are well packed up and taped so they take up minimum space or there may be extra charges incurred.

Please remember any items omitted from the Instant survey may be left or charged extra on move day.

If you need any additional advice please call us on 01273 776570, or complete the form on the right of this page.

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