Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you come and give us a quotation?

To keep our costs down and therefore yours we prefer to work on the hourly rate this saves the expense of running around ‘supposedly doing FREE quotes as this time is normally costed into jobs booked. This works fine for local moves but we can try to get a more accurate idea of time and van space required for jobs going further afield. This can be done by a visit or emailed inventory of your belongings and an accurate description of load / unload circumstances. If we take a booking after a site visit we will work this into the quotation.

What are the dimensions of the van?


What insurance do you carry?

We carry ‘Goods in Transit Insurance’ up to £10,000 and also Public Liability insurance up to £1,000,000 (£1million) which means your belongings are covered whilst our movers are handling your possessions.

Can I use 'spare' time on Bookings?

We sometimes get asked “If I used you for a job which took you one hour to complete can i use the remaining hour another time?

If the booking lasts less than 2 hours then the answer is “NO” as we have a minimum booking period of 2 hours. Beyond that we always try to give the best possible estimate based on the information from our clients and our experience as it’s in both parties interest to get that right. We also offer cost saving Daily Removal Rates for complete house or office removals.

When does time start for Bookings?

For bookings starting in Brighton the clock starts on arrival. For bookings outside of Brighton we estimate driving time to your address using Google Maps and this time is added to the arrival time/ departure time if your address is out of town. This is to cover fuel and wages costs. Time runs up until the van has been cleared and tidied after your move.

Can I order boxes and packaging from you?

Yes see our boxes and packing supplies page. These can be delivered next day FREE delivery if you order them from us Mon-Fri before 4pm.

Top Tip: Buy more than you think necessary as they will always come in handy!

Can you clear items to the tip?

We currently don’t have the facilities to tip rubbish items but we expect to start offering this service in the future.

We can also recycle any decent furniture carrying up to date fire regulation labels to local charities. In the meantime we can arrange for a few items to be collected from our van by a rubbish removal company for your convenience.

Can I ask friends to help with the move?

You are more than welcome to ask friends to help, but from experience, houses can get pretty chaotic during a move as a result.

It’s also worth noting that our insurance only covers items carried by our own staff, so any damage caused by friends or involving friends during the move would not be covered by our policy.

How can I arrange my items on the day?

We ask that you please DO NOT block any hall ways or doorways with mattresses, boxes or furniture so we can access items we require in the correct order for loading safely.
Also we ask that you do not make big stacks of boxes on the furniture, instead try to stack them neatly on the floor for easier access to both items.

Got a Question?

If we didn’t answer your question you can always drop us a message via our contact us form or if it’s related directly to your move you can add a question to our removals quote form.