Nice Man Big Van’s Essential Guide to Moving!

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As most people know, moving house can be a rather stressful time. With so many things to organise and arrangements to be made its easy to lose track of what needs doing in amongst the chaos! We have put together a helpful guide to assist with getting all of your house removal organised.

3 Weeks to go before moving house

• By now you should have your moving date confirmed with your solicitors or estate agent – Now it’s time to book your removal firm. We suggest contacting 2/3 companies for quotes, you will need to give them details of the amount of belongings and the address you are moving to & from for them to give an accurate quote.
• Nice Man Big Van Removals mostly work on cost-effective hourly rate so you only pay for the time used, alternatively we can visit your home to give an all in quote for the entire house move.
• Should you just require a move into our Brighton Storage facilities, Nice Man Big Van can arrange this too, or you can just book us to move you to your pre-booked storage unit.
• Consider a Full or Part Packing Service to make your move as smooth as possible, most home removal companies offer this service at an extra cost
• A packing service can be well worth it should you have small children or are unable to manage the packing yourselves. Contact us for a full or part packing quote.
• Notify your Utility/ Phone & Broadband of your impending house move, to ensure connection on arrival.
• Contact your local parking office to book out parking spaces outside your current and new home should this be required in a Controlled Parking Zone.
• Only take what you need or love so start clearing out the shed/loft! Ebay/Freecycle/Gumtree/Charity shop/Car Boot sale all unwanted items
• Place orders for any new furniture/appliances/carpets etc for your new property, they will often have a few weeks lead time for delivery.

2 Weeks to go before moving house
• Start your packing as soon as possible, it always takes far longer than you think! See our detailed packing guide below.
• Order strong cardboard packing boxes of varying sizes – Nice Man Big Van can supply these direct to you with free next day delivery, order online at
• Consider having a Packing Service, our team of highly trained packers will come and pack all your items safely prior to your house move – the boxes and packing materials are all included in the packing quote.
• If you decide to pack yourself, start as early as possible and ask your home removal company how best to protect your items for your move.
• See our website for upcoming packing tutorial videos.
• Pack non essential items first, books/albums/DVD’s etc leave all but the everyday items till last. Remove batteries from electrical items in case of leakage.
• Pack with care, smaller boxes filled with heavy books are easier to carry, larger boxes with bulkier items – ensuring they are all taped up well and labelled with contents and which room they will be going into – consider using a colour coded floor plan for the removal team.
• Organise someone to look after the children for the day. The same goes for pets – or book them into kennels or a cattery. Ensure they have identity tags with their new address
• Compile a fact file for the people who are moving into your old property, such as instruction leaflets and service information for the heating system and appliances you’re leaving, include your forwarding address for any post, together with details of rubbish collection, milk deliveries, recycling schemes and so on.
• Book a cleaning firm to thoroughly clean your old and new property, including carpets for the move day.
• Arrange post redirection with Royal Mail – they need at least 5 working days to set this up.

1 Week to go before moving house – INFORM :
• All utilities of your new address – this can be managed easily at
• Energy suppliers & Water company
• Council Tax
• Bank, Building Society, pension provider etc
• Credit card and store card companies
• DVLA and renew your driving licence and vehicle registration document (legal requirement) see
• Insurance companies
• Inland Revenue – see for a list of offices
• TV licensing
• GP & Dentist
• Employers
• The schools your children attend
• Friends, family and colleagues.
• Subscriptions to magazines, charities, etc.
• Order an online food delivery to arrive on House Moving day!

The day before..
• Defrost the freezer and use up the contents of the fridge
• Don’t water any household plants, they become very heavy
• Get to bed early and have a good nights rest!

Phone chargers
Cash for cleaners, tradesmen, tips, takeaways etc
House paperwork in a folder, with a pen
Kettle, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Biscuits, Milk, Mugs
Chocolate/snacks/drinks – you might need the energy boost!
Scissors, Sellotape, Marker pen, adhesive labels
Screwdrivers, adjustable wrench and Allen keys for furniture reassembly.
Loo roll, kitchen cloths, kitchen roll, antibac spray and washing up liquid
Hand wash/Soap
Takeaway menus
Clean bedding to make up the beds
Breakfast items for the first morning in your new home

Extra Packing Tips from the professionals
1. You should start your packing 4-6 weeks before your move date and plan carefully. Careful planning and packing will save you time, money and a lot of aggravation.
Only take what you need or love so start clearing out the shed/loft/garage! Ebay/Freecycle/Gumtree/Charity Shop/Car Boot all unwanted items.
2. The other alternative of course is to have our team of highly trained home removers and packers to come and pack your belongings for you. Please contact Steve on 01273 776570 if this is of interest.
3. Please use strong cardboard boxes filled sensibly (not overly heavy) and taped up at the top and bottom. You can label these with the room they need to be put into in your new house or storage facility.
4. Dis-assemble any items of furniture that will need flat packing before the day. Keep all fixings in clear sandwich bags, label and store a Tupperware box. We can do this ourselves but cannot be held responsible for these items.
5. Wrap glass and chinaware in paper before packing into the boxes which should be lined with bubble wrap and label these boxes fragile. Pack plates on their side not flat, make sure the boxes are tightly packed (heaviest items on bottom) with any soft items in any spare space on top.
6. Clothes can either be transported in a wardrobe box or a decent strong, box, bag or suit case (wrapped pictures and mirrors may be moved in the bottom of wardrobe boxes)
7. Please try and wrap all and mirrors and pictures in paper first (to prevent paint sweating) and then bubble wrap slid into a flattened packing box or at least with cardboard covering the glass taped up. Mark these as fragile. Any glass table tops etc to be bubble wrapped and edges protected. You can order boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape etc to be delivered FREE NEXT DAY within the Brighton, Hove and Worthing area via our online shop
8. Empty and de-frost the freezer and fridge. Disconnect washing machine, dishwasher etc.
9. Pack an essentials box for items needed over the first couple of days – see list overleaf
10. If it is wet weather on your move day please ensure cardboard or mats safely cover the carpet.
11.Make sure any flammable or hazardous products are left as they invalidate insurances.

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