House move from Brighton flat to a Shoreham houseboat!

Recently we carried out a Brighton house removal onto a houseboat over in Shoreham Harbour. The community of various houseboats is truly original and quirky, from the traditional Dutch barges to the more unusual ex navy warship! This housing community has developed over the years, creative housing pioneers wanting to live afford-ably and build and adapt their homes in a unique way, whilst also being closely connected to nature.

The recent Property price boom and housing stock crisis has meant people are being more
creative in their search for a place to call home. We are following in our Dutch neighbour’s
trend for living on the numerous waterways – Houseboat living in the UK has gained in
popularity in the last few years. Its often a practical solution for a country with extensive rivers
and canals, many of which run through the heart of a city, to provide a centrally located base at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent land based property.

Moving furniture into a houseboat is never straight forward; we had to park the home Removals van down the towpath, load up the communal trolley, then pull each load along the slippery Gangplanks, Of course this didn’t faze us and no one fell overboard during the house move!

At NiceManBigVan Brighton Removals we are used to seeing many an alternative/ non traditional housing solutions. A while ago we moved a lovely customer from his Studio apartment In Brighton that he’d cleverly designed to incorporate a garden shed within the room – he felt it just gave him an extra ‘room’ and separate living/sleeping area – every little helps!
Funnily enough the new occupants moving in also wanted to keep the shed in situ as they rather liked it! For people who have to much stuff there is always the alternative of using local storage solutions.

Such innovative solutions are not new – in the post WW2 years when so many homes were destroyed by bombing, urgent housing needs were met with prefabricated buildings and even disused Railway carriages – examples of which are still dotted along the South Coast today.

Many people who are struggling with the large financial jump to move to a larger property, or maybe have returning grown up children coming home to roost after Uni, a loft conversion can free up more living accommodation. However with a price tag of around £30k this is still quite a stretch on the household budget. Another great solution is to build a garden studio/workshop in the garden – they are around half the cost of a loft conversion and generally don’t need planning permission if within a certain size and situation in the garden. So if you have room in the garden they can offer excellent overspill accommodation and double up as a home office or workshop.

Other such creative housing solutions such as the recent opening of the Brighton container Park on New England Road have demonstrated the need for a different approach in meeting urgent housing stock requirements.

These new ‘homes’ are self contained studio apartments and are on offer as temporary housing for the city’s homeless. Similar projects are springing up around the UK. We recently saw plans to convert a row of run down unused garages in East London into tiny studio apartments – once again showing imaginative use of every inch of London’s precious real estate.

An architecture firm plans to convert disused garages into a row of miniature homes

Over the coming years the demand for affordable housing will increase as more and more as people are squeezed out of the traditional property market, so maybe with a little imagination and creativity there is a housing solution out there for everyone.

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